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Ayurvedic Nutrition

We're with you to help you live consciously, in synergy with Mother nature.

Cipzer is a Unani health supplement manufacturer and supplier Company based in Sonipat, Haryana. We work enthusiastically with a high level of expertise with an aim to serve our customers in the best way  striving to develop solutions for the masses based on the Unani System of Medicine. We are a team of experienced professionals working in this field Since last seven decades.


Before heading over to the Company’ vision and mission, we would like you to have a glimpse of Unani medicine. Traditional  systems of medicine are easily accessible, cheaper, and relatively safer than other conventional medicines. Hence, the search for alternative products continues. Natural phytochemicals derived from plants are used in traditional medicines and considered as good alternatives to synthetic chemicals. The Unani system of medicine is a great healing art and science. It ensures complete cure,  provides persons with a holistic treatment and cures an ailment permanently  rather than giving an instant relief just on provisional basis. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the Unani System of Medicine (USM) as an alternative system to cater to the health care needs of the human population.

Unani is one of the most renowned traditional system of medicine and draws on the ancient traditional systems of medicine and cure from China, Egypt, India, Iraq, Persia, and Syria.